Why us?



1. You Get the Best Options : As a potential borrower, you have limited time with you to go and discuss your loan requirement with multiple banks. We understand this limitation and act on your behalf as a single window. You need not to approach different lenders and make them understand your requirement. Just share your needs and preferences with us, we will approach all lenders, present your case to them and come back to you with filtered suitable options as per your requirement. It saves a lot of time and energy on your part and you may continue to focus on your job / business rather than running around to find the right bank / NBFC.

2. You Get the Expert Advice : We are a group of professionals with a lot of industry experience on the board. There are different teams with specific knowledge. E.g; business loans are handled by chartered accountants and Vehicle loans are handled by the professionals who have worked in automobile industry. Our experts simplify the technical terms / jargons of the mortgage industry to you for your easy understanding which ultimately help you to take right decisions.

3. You Get to know Pros / Cons : We have no vested interest to push you towards any particular lender as we are authorized partner of almost all leading banks and NBFCs. We earn our revenue by way of generating mortgage business of all these banks. We recommend the best options to you based on your requirement with no favoritism for a particular lender. We help you understand the pros or cons of a particular loan deal which you may find difficult as a layman. We are proud to say that we are a neutral service provider and always put our customers’ interest first. 

4. You Get Negotiation Power: As a leading player in the mortgage industry, we have some leverage to negotiate better interest rates for you from the lenders. We also try to push banks for charging lower processing fee from our customers. . You lose this negotiation power as an individual while discussing with banks. 

5. You Get Door Step Service: Availing of any sort of loan is a cumbersome process which requires a lot of documentation work and fulfilling 100% formalities as laid down by the lender. Sometimes the whole exercise take a lot of time due to poor guidance by the bank executives and the hassles may frustrate you. Our dedicated team provides door step services to our customers and assists in executing necessary formalities for faster sanction / disbursement of loan.

6. One Stop Shop for all your mortgage needs : We deal in a vide variety of loans like home loans / loan against property / business loans / vehicle loans / personal loans etc. We service salaried individuals / business houses / companies and professionals for all sort of loan requirements. You may rely on us for all your loan queries throughout your life.

7. Balance Transfer advice: Mortgage industry is volatile and interest rates keep on changing due to various economic factors. If you have taken a home loan today at 11% floating rate from a particular bank, you may tend to forget and track the interest rate after one or two or three years because of your busy schedule. Our team keeps a track of your loan availed through us and we would be updating you from time to time about the applicable interest rates. We also advise our customers to shift their existing outstanding to other bank if the difference of interest rate is high between two banks. Such advice saves a lot of money for you.


Our Commitments

 1. We commit that we will work as a Neutral Service Provider & put customer’s interest first. 

 2. We commit that we will follow Honesty & Integrity in all our actions. 

 3. We commit that we will act swiftly & promptly.

 4. We commit that we will establish long term relationship with our customers. 


Legal Consultant: Advocate Subodh Gupta

How can our Legal Consultant help You in various problems?

Loans, Defaults, Settlements, Recovery, Harassment, Legal Notices, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Court case, dispute with the builder or bank on certain issue are all part of this cruel financial world. Common people enter into contracts without understanding the in-depth implications and later on find themselves in legal troubles.

Advocate Subodh gupta (LL.B. MBA(HR), B.Com, Dip;Journalism) is our legal consultant to help our customers in dealing with various kinds of legal issues. He has got 23 years of experience in the Finance & Legal fields. Currently Subodh gupta is doing legal practice in Delhi High Court in Civil, Criminal and Matrimonial matters.