Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Q.>  I can apply for a loan directly from banks, why should I use Sasta Loan Bazaar’s services? 

Ans.> There is a wide variety of loan offers available in the market and it is not easy and will take much time to thoroughly understand all the interest offers / processing fee / hidden charges etc However, you only need to call Sasta Loan Bazaar’s professionals to gain access to all loan products offered by nearly 20 banking and financial institutions. Moreover, we give you an independent detailed analysis on the features of different plans and help you select the most suitable plan. 

2. Q.> What are the advantages of using Sasta Loan Bazaar’s services?

Ans.> Quick and Hassle-free: Sasta Loan Bazaar’s professionals will guide you through the entire loan application process giving you the best recommendations along each step of the way.

Comprehensive Selection: Sasta Loan Bazaar has partnered with all leading banks and non banking financial institutions, the most complete and updated loan information is just a phone call away.

Tailored to your needs: Sasta Loan Bazaar understands that loan offers are widely varied and each plan has its own features suiting to the needs of different people. Our team will arrange / suggest a tailored plan most suitable to your needs.

3. Q>  Which banking and financial institutions are partners of Sasta Loan Bazaar?

Ans >Sasta Loan Bazaar offers neutral advice to its customers in their best interest from all the available banks / NBFCs of India. We propose the most suitable loan offer to our customers whether we have any association with the particular bank or not. To remain neutral, we follow the policy of not advertising / mentioning any bank’s name on our website.

4. Q.> Will it safe for me to share my personal / financial / other details with Sasta Loan Bazaar ?

Ans. > Sasta Loan Bazaar respects your privacy and assures you of the utmost confidentiality of your information. We never demand any original document and only self attested photocopies are required to process the loan application. You may go through our Privacy Policy to know more about this.

5. Q. > Are there any charges for Sasta Loan Bazaar’s services? 

Ans. > We provide absolutely free door step services to our esteemed customers. Any expense incurred on behalf of customer will have to be reimbursed which will be incurred only upon specific request from the respective customer.

6. Q. > What is the guarantee that Sasta Loan Bazaar can get my loan approved? 

Ans. > There is no guarantee in any case. Sasta Loan Bazaar is just a service provider and act as a mediator between lenders and borrowers. The decision to approve or disapprove the loan case lies with the lender and we can’t make any commitments in this regard.

7. Q. >  What is the guarantee that Sasta Loan Bazaar can get me the cheapest interest rate on my loan?

Ans. > We make sincere efforts for the benefit of our clients to negotiate the cheapest rate of interest but there is no guarantee because loan offers made by various lenders are negotiable in the market and may vary depending upon various factors which are beyond our control.