बैंक में ख़ुद जाकर लोन अप्लाई करने की बजाय सस्ता लोन बाज़ार के माध्यम से उस बैंक में जाने के फ़ायदे

Interest Rate


 The Bank charges interest rate as per the announced slabs (also known as Rack rate)


 When you apply through us, you either get the same interest rate or a lower interest rate on case to case basis. It can't be higher under any circumstances. 

Processing Fee


 The Bank charges processing fee as per the applicable slabs. 


 When you apply through us, you either pay the same processing fee or a lower fee on case to case basis. It can't be higher under any circumstances. 

Service Levels


 a) The bank doesn't assist you in obtaining various documents from your builder or from your existing banks or for procurement of stamp papers etc.
b) Post sales, The bank may not give your door step services for things like pre-payment / tax certificates / regular update of your interest rate and most importantly the best offers available in the market from competitors for loan transfer. 


 a) We reduce your hassles and save your time & money by providing you free door step services

b) Not only at the time of availing loan but even after that we continue to help you and give free door step services during entire tenure of loan. We believe that our good services will ultimately get us more customers through your references. 



 The Bank's sales executive may tend to hide critical clauses related to your loan agreement in order to acquire a customer to meet his own sales targets. 


 We are a neutral service provider and explain all critical facts to you which help you in choosing the best Bank. We compare and give you the best advice as per your case because all banks pay us for our services and it doesn't matter to us from which bank you avail the loan. 

Follow Ups & Grievance Resolution


 If you go to the bank directly, you will have to push the bank yourself for faster processing or for resolution of any grievance. 


 If you go to the same bank through us, we will also be on your side and if required, we may take up the issue with the higher authorities. You will also get priority treatment on your visit (if necessary) to the bank because we fix up your appointment in advance.